h Norwegian Star: Back In Melbourne

Norwegian Star: Back In Melbourne

Norwegian Star: Back In Melbourne

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On Friday the 10th, Cruise Linear, the Norwegian Star, lost main propulsion power at Cape Liptrap off the Tasmanian Coast on it's way to New Zealand. "We all the heard the noise of the breakdown, there was all this steam coming from the side of the ship and we'd stopped moving", stated a crew member on board.

At the time of the breakdown the ship thankfully only 75 miles out of Melbourne, allowing the linear to be pulled by tugs. It took 48 hours between stagnation and arrival at the Station Pier in Port Melbourne on Sunday Morning thanks to two tug boats.

All passengers on the liner have been offered a full refund of their ticket and 50 per cent off their next cruise. They will also receive a $350 flight credit per person due to the continued delay in the boat's maintenance.

The technical team in charge of the Cruise Lines repair have been working since 1am on Sunday attempting to repair the ship's azipod propulsion system. The engine is set to be fixed by Tuesday morning, however some passenger's how continued to stay on board are not too keen to get the ball rolling, "they're feeding us, there's alcohol and a place to sleep and it's not going to cost me a cent".

Source: Herald Sun