h Inland Rail Pushes Forward to Formal Assessment

Inland Rail Pushes Forward to Formal Assessment

Inland Rail Pushes Forward to Formal Assessment

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The Inland Rail project is a proposed 1700km freight connection between Melbourne & Brisbane, and as of last week the Government moved forward with formal assessment despite second round market testing still being finalised.

The minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester on Friday announced that there will be coordinated projects between the department and the Queensland government for two sections of the proposed route.

The Gowrie to Helidon and Helidon to Calvert sections are critical to the development and assessment of the project.

These sections will undergo an Environment Impact Statement (EIS) from the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) as well as a draft for the Terms of Reference from the Queensland Office.

According the Department, construction in these two sections are expected to create on average 3,000 per region.

Due to the growing congestion and increased load of the current rail networks on the east coast, the Inland Rail project is an attempt to cope with future volumes and to connect capital cities with farms, mines and ports, thus reducing supply chain expenditures and thus resulting in a competitive Australia export marketplace.

"We believe in the future of regional Australia, and the Melbourne to Brisbane inland rail project to deliver benefits today and in 100 years from now", said Mr Chester.

Source: https://inlandrail.artc.com.au/