h South Australian Exports On Show In China

South Australian Exports On Show In China

South Australian Exports On Show In China

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Last week saw a successful end to the South Australian Trade mission to China, with around 200 trade delegates promoting the states local exports around Guangzhou, Shandong & Shanghai. Representation for the mission involved the participation of 124 businesses and organisations in the industries of trade, wine, investment agribusiness.

South Australia's business missions are focused at Government support to help build and nurture international partnerships. The next state mission will take place in late July with focus on the trade markets in Singapore and Malaysia.

The South Australia trade minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said that the continual growth of South Australia's wine industry is truly proving its place among world trade. Hamilton-Smith pointed out that only a decade ago Australia's wine exports to China totalled little more than 20 million litres at a value of around $10m, however today the Australia's wine trade is worth more than $520m, with 2/3rds of the export coming specifically from South Australia.

In December of 2016, the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies released a its most recent Economic Briefing Report that labelled South Australia's growth in China as significant. Year of year figures for the export activity for the state has risen strongly, while the total volume of international exports of goods and services for the year is up 11%, 4.3% greater than the national rise.