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Victorian Government Aim To Increase Indian Exports To $1bn

The Victorian Government has published its aim to raise the annual good export from Victoria to India to $1 billion, doubling it's current value.
In a recent publication titled, 'Victoria's India Strategy: Our Shared Future', which Premier Daniel Andrews released in light of his coming visit to India this week. Due to India's booming economy (currently the third largest) and with over 400 Mi...

SAFTA Amendment To Prioritise Aus Exports

Both houses of parliament, last week, passed through the updates to the Singapore Australia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA), which will see a considerable reduction in the harsh current restrictions on Australian exporters. The amendment to the SAFTA is a huge successful for Australia's services industries, which will now have greater access for our education, legal, financial and various profession...

Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

The Victorian government have recently released their plans to decrease the amount of trucks on local roads and instead increase the capacity of the current rail system. The current proposal of growing a number of rail freight shuttle initiatives on existing rail networks is estimated to cost $58 million, which will be funded by both the Australian and Victorian government. ...