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Client Services Officer (C.S.O) is a unique SCI customer service initiative where one operations representative is allocated to and manages a client’s entire account. One contact for all requirements.

Sea & Air Freight / Import & Export

Buyer consolidation To and From Most Major Ports

Individually Tailored Reporting of Order Tracking

Customs Clearance / Tariff Consultancy

Coastal Shipping Services

Warehousing and Distribution

Wharf and local Transport

Interstate Transport

International Freight Auditing Services

International freight Consultancy Services



A Client Services Officer (C.S.O) is a unique client management position at SCI.

A C.S.O is solely responsible for all facets of a client’s account including orders, cargo logistics and delivery. Therefore, a client has one point of contact within SCI for the management of their freight. Our C.S.O’s know the current status of all of a client’s cargo so any queries can be answered promptly.

Our C.S.O’s are trained in all facets of cargo logistics including import and export, air freight and sea freight, cross trade and customs coordination.

For our clients this means that their customer service representative is also the person who is operating their orders and deliveries.

Our clients will also receive order tracking reports which are updated by our C.S.O’s to ensure that our customers are aware of the any changes and current status of their shipments.

Due to the expansive nature of the C.S.O position only suitably experienced and dedicated staff are appointed to the role. Each C.S.O also has an assistant who works in the background supporting the CSO. This also creates a training environment for the C.S.O’s of the future and also provides cover in the absence of the CSO.

Clients can rest assured that their cargo is being managed by professional staff in a progressive company.

Ordinary Industry Freight Handling Process vs SCI's CSO Freight Handling Process


1 The order is received by your Customer Service Representative
2 Once cargo is confirmed on board a vessel the job is handled to import sea operations
3 Upon Arrival of vessel documents are then handed to a customs broker for the entry to be processed
4 Once cargo has become available for pickup your shipment is then handed to a cartage coordinator to arrange delivery to your door
5 Invoicing is then either done by customs department or an accounts department In this above case there would be anything up to 4 to 6 people handling your shipment, and under normal circumstances you would also have to deal with another contact should you have any export requirements.


In this case the client will provide a copy of the order to the C.S.O., the C.S.O. will then process the order with the Overseas agent, process the import documentation, co ordinate the customs entry and arrange delivery to your door.

Our C.S.O. will also arrange the final invoicing and discuss with you regarding payment of the invoice. Please also note our C.S.O. will handle all of your import, export air or sea, customs and deliveries, allowing just one (1) contract at all times.

Our Client Services Officer, not used by any of our competitors, is established to provide a clearer picture of where your shipment is and also a true one person contact.

We care about your shipments at all times and will ensure your business priorty Nº



SCI Australia provides the Australian wine industry innovative services for exporters around Australia via a CSO (Client Services Officer), establishing a true "one point of contact" to manage everything from booking through to accounting, whether it be an FOB service or a cellar door to distributor door service.

Our entry into the wine industry has seen rapid acceptance and a growing reputation for high level service combined with prompt communication and attention to detail.


SCI has handled and freighted wines for many small and large Australian wineries to the major UK competition Decanter World Wine Awards. We understand the need for early communication, control and exacting management of the competitions logistic processes, as well as having an understanding the wineries and what they are looking to achieve.


SCI in conjunction with our Asian partners are assisting Australian wineries in their developing this growing and exciting marketplace via a broad agency structure reaching from North Asia down to S E Asia. Understanding the importance of efficient cargo control and management in new regions for Australian wineries is paramount in comforting the exporter.

The Asia offices can provide all the destination land based logistics requirements to compliment the SCI personalized communication services to these Australian wine exporters.


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